In a recent interview Mike was asked how he viewed professional photography? It is all about understanding and problem solving. You learn about the person, the place or the object you are being asked to photograph, finding its purpose and what makes it special. Then you go and make an image that stops the viewer from turning the next page, one that stops him in his tracks.

Despite all the incredible advances in graphics software, computers and cameras we will never replace the free thinking mind and skills of an involved photographer. Technology is an amazingly enabling resource but as image makers we should be wary of growing lazy or reliant. Don't get me wrong, I love a day shoot with my Apple Macs, my warm studio and heaps of equipment, everything to hand plus a good coffee. Every now and then though, something comes along that puts you back in a slightly scary place, with a minimum of kit and not much time to bring back the goodies. Pressure's on. That's not a bad day's work either.